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Hoffa forces another rejected contract on UPS Teamsters

By staff

Jacksonville, FL – In response to massive concessions, UPSers in Western and Upstate New York widely rejected their contract supplement by over 65%, with over 46% turnout, on February 5. Members rejected this proposal outright in the face of pressure by the national leadership and promises of retroactive paychecks coming sooner. However, in a repeat of the national UPS contract, Teamster President Hoffa used the 2/3 loophole to impose the supplement anyway. This loophole allegedly allows Hoffa to require either 2/3 rejection of the contract or at least 50% turnout. Four more UPS supplements still have to be voted on in Central Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, Metro Detroit and Local 804 in New York City.

Hoffa's complete rejection of democracy and member control might be music to the ears of UPS corporate leaders, but many Teamsters are calling this the last straw. Members at other national and regional companies look at Hoffa's actions and wonder if their contracts will be forced through as well. Teamster employers look at Hoffa's actions and prepare for negotiations knowing they no longer need a majority of Teamsters to vote yes. Hoffa's fight against Teamster democracy means concessions for members. In response, reformers in Teamsters United and Teamsters for a Democratic Union are planning to overturn this loophole at the next convention.

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