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Green Bay, WI activists tell Sen. Baldwin to stop funding genocide

By staff

Pro-Palestine activists disrupt Democratic Party fundraising event in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Green Bay, WI – On March 3, the Green Bay Antiwar Committee (GBAC) rallied a dozen activists to disrupt a Democratic Party fundraiser featuring U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.

The Brown County Democrats held the $100 a plate fundraiser at the historic Northland Hotel right after Baldwin voted yes to send nearly $100 billion of taxpayer-funded weapons to Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel. Notably, Baldwin had already accepted $430,790 from pro-Israel, pro-genocide group AIPAC.

The anti-war activists greeted fundraiser attendees as they entered the venue, urging them to oppose any Democratic warmongering policies, and informing them of Baldwin’s hypocrisy.

After the fundraiser got started, the activists set up opposite the venue windows with signs, banners and multiple megaphones, and started chanting “Tammy Baldwin, you can’t hide – you’re supporting genocide!” They continued the chants throughout the entire fundraising event.

Attendees inside the fundraiser reported that they could hear the chants from inside the building, and the organizers were forced to turn up the volume of the music and speakers to try to drown out the constant chanting from outside.

Aodhan Bowman, who was with the activists chanting outside, said, “We know Baldwin is in there, and we know she can hear us. Protesters have been confronting her everywhere she goes. Green Bay and all of Wisconsin demands an end to funding war and genocide.”

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