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Green Bay: University of Wisconsin Green Bay students hold vigil to mourn Palestinian deaths

By Dane Snudden

Green Bay, WI – On the evening of December 23, the Green Bay Chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (known as the Workers and Socialist Party or WSP on campus), held a vigil at Phoenix Park to mourn the deaths of the martyrs that have been killed in Palestine from the Israeli occupation.

The vigil was the second on-campus event put together by the students and comes after the organization hosted a letter writing event on December 19, targeting Wisconsin representatives and the “Campus Elite” to acknowledge the atrocities being committed, and call for a ceasefire. The action garnered a lot of campus support and students wrote around 45 letters.

Organizations involved included members of the Green Bay Anti-War Committee, Appleton SDS, the Oshkosh Socialist Students Association and representatives from the FRSO, which co-hosted the event and helped provide the students with the supplies needed.

Attendees lit candles were lit and members of the UWGB WSP-SDS spoke. The event finished with a call to action from executive member Alkimie Andrews whose poem, We Are Gardeners is motivated by the ongoing genocide, “Our gardening would be an easier task if we all could pull the roots of this weed, But for some, that is too much to ask, For they choose to ignore those, who bleed / In this vast forest, we must converge, we must merge, to pull all the roots of this weed, together we may be freed.”

The UWGB WSP-SDS plans to hold more events on campus next year and are planning on working with the Green Bay Anti-War Committee and other SDS chapters in the future, to further advocacy in Green Bay.

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