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Green Bay marches in support of the Palestinian resistance, demands stop to U.S. aggression

By staff

Green Bay, Wisconsin stands with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Green Bay, WI – On February 10, four months into the Zionist occupation’s genocidal assault on Gaza, dedicated activists braved the wintry cold and wind to demand an end to U.S. aggression in the Middle East.

The mood was energetic yet somber as people shared their personal stories about how Israeli-trained forces and American weapons have destroyed families and lives around the world, from occupied Palestine to Guatemala to here in the US.

Aodhan Bowman spoke for Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and called attention to the fact that Israel’s ability to wage war on Palestinians is entirely dependent on U.S. support. “Israel has zero legitimacy – all they have is American weapons. But the rest of the world is coming together against this genocide. It is only a matter of time before the resistance is victorious.”

Younis Zaiden, a Palestinian community member and Muslim leader, expressed gratitude at the gathering and gave a speech about his experience living as a Palestinian Muslim in the Fox Valley.

Zaiden stated, “A coworker asked me recently what I thought about Palestine and Israel and October 7. I had to ask him back: ‘How much time do you have?’ Because you can’t explain October 7 without understanding the rest of the 75 years.” He finished his speech with, “I know Palestine will be free!” and the crowd chanted “From the river to the sea!” before marching through downtown Green Bay.

The action was a part of a national week of action being put on by the US Palestinian Community Action Network, the National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, and Students for a Democratic Society.

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