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Greece: General strike set for May 30

By All Workers Militant Front (PAME)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the All Workers Militant Front (PAME).

Struggle for Collective Agreements and Abolition of Antiworker Laws – General Strike on May 30The government of SYRIZA-ANEL refuses for two whole years to bring in Plenary of the Parliament the bill they 518 Regional Trade Union Centers, Federations and Trade Unions had tabled on 17 October 2016, day of a Panhellenic Rally, with which workers, class trade unions demand the abolition of anti-labor laws, restoration and signing of sectoral employment contracts, coverage of of workers' wages, with increases in wages, pensions and wages social benefits.Trade unions had handed over to all parliamentary groups – except for the fascist party of Golden Dawn – the bill which is still in the drawers of the Ministry of Labor and of the Government.The only parliamentary group that responded was Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which on 18 October 2016 tabled the proposal of the Trade Unions, asking to come to plenary for debate and voting, which the Government has never done. On Thursday, May 24th, the KKE parliamentary group re-submitted it the Law Drift in the form of Question on current issues to the Minister of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and asked to be discussed at the Parliament.At the conclusion of the Question it is noted that “though almost two years from its deposition, the government denies arbitrarily and in breach of the regulation to bring to the debate above Law drift. This denial shows its intentions to continue and escalate the attack on labor rights, further strengthening the ban on collective agreements; and promoting flexible forms of employment aimed at tension of the exploitation of the working class and the popular strata for the supporting the profitability of capital, in line with the guidelines of the EU, promoted in all its member countries, either located in Memorandum status or not.

PAME calls the Unions and the workers more decisively to rally on the path of counter-attack, taking our life into our hands. To put the needs and interests of the working class and the popular strata that are in conflict with the strategy of capital, the EU, and the government’s policy, at the heart of our demands.

All in the General Strike on May 30th!

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