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FRSO Delegation Visits Bolivarian University of Venezuela

By Tom Burke

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Caracas, Venezuela—A Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) delegation visited the Bolivarian University of Venezuela on January 20, speaking to political science classes.

“Students asked about the movements for change in our country. They definitely had the impression people are protesting Trump, and movements are growing stronger. They are excited that socialist ideas are becoming popular in the U.S.,” said Brad Sigal, a delegation member from Minneapolis.

Sigal continued, “Many of the students are attending the university because of the Bolivarian Revolution and the opportunities it opens up for them. “

The Bolivarian University of Venezuela was formed in 2003. It is housed in the former headquarters of the state oil company, the PDVSA headquarters. This is where oil company executives plotted a coup attempt in 2002 to bring down the government of President Hugo Chavez. After the coup attempt failed, the Chavez government cleaned house of the right-wing executives and turned their corporate offices into a free public university.

The FRSO delegation also visited a free medical clinic at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela. The medical clinic serves students and the broader community. While the U.S. economic sanctions against Venezuela cause medicines to be unavailable for people, the doctors and nurses make do with what they can obtain from other sources.

Mauricio Anselmi, the clinic director introduced the American visitors to many Venezuelan and Cuban doctors. The doctors treat patients and help students stay healthy with no charges or fees.

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