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Denver joins Global March for Rafah as Israeli aggression intensifies

By staff

Denver protest against Israeli attacks on Rafah.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Denver, CO – On Saturday, February 17, over 1000 people gathered at the Colorado State Capitol to answer the call for a Global March for Rafah. The action was called for by the Colorado Palestine Coalition and marks the largest pro-Palestine march in Denver for the last few months.

The Global March was called for in response to increasing aggression by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people in Gaza. Due to constant bombings, over a million Palestinians are currently displaced and sheltering in Rafah, which is at the southernmost point of the Gaza Strip. Even though the Palestinians in Rafah have nowhere to flee, Israel has continued air strikes, killing hundreds. In response to these atrocities, cities around the world mobilized on February 17 to call for an end to Israel’s continued genocide against the Palestinian people.

The march started at the Colorado State Capitol with several speeches from member organizations of the Colorado Palestine Coalition.

“As the Zionist entity escalates its violence in Rafah and continues its blockade and bombing of food, water and medical supplies, the need for each of us to stand with and fight for Palestine is more dire than ever.” said Sol Swain of Denver Anti-War Action. After the speeches, the protesters took to the streets to march throughout downtown Denver, stopping for more speeches along the way.

A particularly powerful speech came from Abdullah Elagha, a leader of the Colorado Palestine Coalition who has lost dozens of family members to Israeli massacres since October 7. Elagha spoke about his two cousins, Borak Alagha and Hashem Alagha, who were kidnapped by occupation forces in Gaza on February 7. Despite being U.S. citizens, the U.S. government has done nothing to help locate these two or demand their release. Speaking on Biden’s role in funding Israel’s onslaught, Elgaha cut straight to the point, stating, “That old man [Biden] doesn’t belong in a retirement home, he belongs in a prison cell!”

The crowd marched back to the Capitol and heard a few more speeches. Highlighting the need for continued action, Khalid Hamu of Students for a Democratic Society said, “We must unite together like a fist to land blows on the enemy and demand an end to U.S. aid to Israel!”

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