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Denver Anti-War Action kicks off anti-Lockheed Martin campaign in solidarity with Palestine

By staff

Protest against Lockheed Martin's arming apartheid Israel.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Littleton, CO – On Wednesday, March 27, Denver Anti-War Action (DAWA) kicked off their new campaign against Lockheed Martin with a powerful all-day picket, bringing around 80 protesters to Lockheed’s Colorado headquarters campus.

With thousands of cars passing by throughout the day, the action gave a massive amount of visibility to DAWA’s message that Coloradans do not support Lockheed’s role in Israel’s genocide in Gaza. If this action is a preview of events to come, the days of Lockheed hiding in the shadows outside of suburban Littleton are behind them, as it appears that the people have had enough of the company.

The action began around 9 a.m. and continued without a break until 5 p.m. Throughout the day, every Lockheed worker who drove in or out of the campus heard chants regarding an end to Lockheed weapons for Israel, Lockheed’s role in the genocide of Palestinians, and for a free Palestine.

Tyler Hartley, a speaker at the event and member of the DAWA, explained, “Here in the heart of the imperial war machine, Lockheed Martin claims they and their facilities are ‘full of life and safe from threats here in Colorado.’ Their arrogance will lead to their downfall.” DAWA’s campaign appears to have been unforeseen by Lockheed.

Another speaker with the DAWA, Solveig Swain, explained her issue with the current economic framework, “Instead of centering education, they center war. Instead of centering healthcare, they center destruction. Instead of centering a living wage, they center genocide.”

With DAWA’s first action against Lockheed Martin such a success, the organizers repeatedly stated a desire to continue the new campaign. Only time will tell what future actions DAWA will conduct against Lockheed, but one fact is certain: Lockheed's days of the company remaining under the radar in the minds of Coloradans are now firmly over.

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