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CP of Venezuela: We should learn from the political conflict in Brazil

By Communist Party of Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela – The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) stated that the recent political conflicts in Brazil, especially the imprisonment of former president Lula Da Silva, should serve as a warning to the Venezuelan working people and popular movement of what can happen to democratic organizations and the people’s achievements when the right-wing and the oligarchy retake political power.

On behalf of the party, PCV Politburo member Carlos Aquino declared solidarity with the Brazilian former president and with the revolutionary and popular organizations of their neighboring country facing a right-wing onslaught.

“We should learn from this experience and reflect over what can happen in our country if the right-wing wins the [May presidential] election. Their organizations will begin an assault to dismantle the people’s achievements and persecute the social and political movements, like what is happening in Brazil and Argentina,” expressed Aquino.

However, the lesson is not unconditional support for the Venezuelan government, but rather “demonstrates that the Venezuelan popular movement must strengthen its capacity for combative mobilization so that the government resolves the grave economic and social problems hurting the working people.”

For the PCV, the only way to avoid the right retaking power in our country is the application of revolutionary means in order to leave behind the crisis of rentier-dependent capitalism.

Time of Popular Encounters in Perú

Aquino also spoke on the Latin American Gathering of Communist Parties, currently underway in Lima, which will enable the necessary articulation and coordination of the efforts of communist parties to confront the imperialist onslaught in the region.

Finally, the communist leader indicated that a PCV and Communist Youth delegation will participate in the discussions taking place this week at the Summit of the Americas, as a space for continental integration and anti-imperialist mobilization.

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