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Colorado Palestine Coalition shuts down Denver streets with car rally

By staff

Denver car caravan in solidarity with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Denver, CO – On the afternoon of February 11 activists kicked off a car rally to loudly occupy and make noise in the streets of Denver in the name of Palestinian liberation. Pro-Palestinian protesters continue to push back at any attempts at business as usual in Denver, occupying and blocking off multiple intersections in front of the Capitol building for over an hour on Super Bowl Sunday.

Well over 50 cars adorned with flags, bullhorns, and painted slogans showed out for Palestine despite the winter weather the day before, showcasing the ongoing strength and energy for Palestine among Denverites. While the city of Denver encouraged its residents to go to bars or stay at home partying for the Super Bowl, these activists refused to carry on with business as usual.

The action was initiated by the Denver Anti-War Action (DAWA), accompanied by the Colorado Palestine Coalition.

Tyler Hartley, a founding member of DAWA, exposed the guilt of local and national politicians, stating, “Our representatives want us to give up and go home. But we understand that our siblings in Palestine can’t go home. We understand that the Palestinian people can’t give up the fight for their own survival. So, we’ll keep showing up and showing out until there is a free Palestine!”

After speeches from organizers about the ongoing violence and highlighting the escalation of the genocide in Rafah, where over a million Palestinians are currently trapped, the mass of cars headed down the highway towards downtown Denver, all the while chanting for Palestine out of their windows and from the beds of pickup trucks.

Taking the streets, DAWA led the motorcade in a pickup truck with activists leading chants from the bed. Other protesters followed closely behind, chanting, honking horns, and blasting Palestinian music loud enough for the whole city to hear. Once reaching the Colorado State Capitol building, vehicles occupied the space in front and blocked off multiple intersections. The streets were blockaded for close to an hour as organizers chanted, displayed banners and gave impromptu speeches about the inconvenience of the blockade paling in comparison to the plight of the Palestinian people.

Only after official warnings by police did the protesters budge, slowly leaving the area and continuing the loud support for Palestine all the way back to the parking lot where it began. This event marked one of the most disruptive actions yet in Denver and they show no sign of slowing down. The DAWA intends to keep increasing the militancy of their actions, and forecasts Denver’s energy and support for Palestine to only increase as time goes on.

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