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Colorado Palestine Coalition protests Demfest over U.S./Israeli genocide

By staff

Protesters for Palestine outnumber cops and Democrats at Denver fundraiser. | Fight Back! News/staff

Denver, CO – On March 23, the Democratic party hosted “Demfest” at the Denver Performing Arts Center. In response, the Colorado Palestine Coalition held a protest and disruption of the event in response to the Democrats’ continuous support of Israel’s genocidal actions against the Palestinian people.

Protesters outside the event held large paper checks made out to the different senators and representatives of Colorado. The oversized checks show how much money each politician accepted from the American Israel PAC. The protesters marched around the venue, finding the most echoing locations to host speeches as well as chants such as “Up, up with liberation! Down, down with occupation!”

“The Democrats pretend to be the most progressive option of U.S. leadership, promising the bare minimum of human rights, but we see through the façade,” Geral Mueller of Students for a Democratic Society said during their speech, “We know there is nothing progressive about material support for genocide of the Palestinian people. Here in SDS we oppose any and all U.S. aid to Israel and stand unconditionally with the Palestinian resistance.”

Some of the protesters were able to attend Demfest and disrupted the event. They called out the hypocrisy of Democrats, who spoke about topics like “Women’s Rights,” while Palestinian women and mothers are being bombed and killed. The attendees of Demfest laughed, mocked and sneered at the disrupters as they were escorted from the premises.

Abdullah Elagha, a leader of the Colorado Palestine Coalition, reassured the crowd that they were on the right side of history. Demfest had as many cops as it did attendees, and both were outnumbered by protesters.

“We recognize these politicians for what they really are: another tool for the U.S. war machine to continue its heinous crimes against Palestine. That’s why SDS is planning to march on the DNC and the RNC this summer so that every politician knows where the people stand,” Mueller concluded.

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