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China says it will continue cooperation with Venezuela, tells U.S. to stop bullying

By staff

Washington DC – On August 8, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the People's Republic of China would continue economic cooperation with Venezuela. Speaking in Beijing, Hua stated the U.S., “should let the Venezuelan people decide their future and immediately stop the bullying behavior.”

The statement came on the heels of the August 6 threats made by Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton and the decision to freeze Venezuelan assets in the U.S.

Hua also said, “What the U.S. said and did constitutes gross interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs and severely violates basic norms governing international relations. China firmly opposes that. We have to point out that which political party rules the country is the domestic affair of that country and should be decided by its people. With whom a country will cooperate should also be decided by the country itself.”

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