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Chicano movement leader Carlos Montes speaks at University of Texas-Arlington

By Justin Bent

Carlos Montes with University of Texas-Arlington students outside University Hall. | Fight Back! News/staff

Arlington TX – On October 4, the Progressive Student Union (PSU) at University of Texas-Arlington hosted the longtime Chicano activist and co-founder of the Brown Berets, Carlos Montes. He arrived the day before as part of his speaking tour across Texas. Montes spoke to local organizers and activists about the Chicano national movement and how to build mass struggle.

A member of the Community Service Organization in Los Angeles, he is a wealth of knowledge with great experience. Montes covered how student activism can change an oppressive school system, much like the movie Walk Out, based on Chicano youth activism in Los Angeles.

He also explained how anti-war actions and solidarity with movements throughout Latin America and the Caribbean can change conditions both here at home and for oppressed people overseas. As a lifelong fighter for Chicano liberation in California where he currently resides, his speaking tour is strengthening the movements and passing on a legacy of struggle.

The campus event was exceptionally well received, as the 40 attendees actively discussed for two hours with Montes. Many questions were posed, suggestions for courses of action were exchanged, and mutual learning and consolidation pervaded the room.

After the event the attendees and Carlos Montes all convened outside of the University Hall where it was held. They continued the conversations amongst each other before heading for a dinner at a local Lebanese restaurant. Carlos openly thanked PSU for their efforts in putting the event together and concluded the gathering with a resounding call for and continued efforts towards liberation for all oppressed nationalities.

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