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Chicago: Strike for staffing

By staff

Chicago hospital workers on the picket line.

Chicago, IL – 200 workers at Loretto Hospital on Chicago’s West Side walked out of work at 7 a.m. Monday, July 31.

Represented by the Service Employees International Union – Health Care Illinois Indiana (SEIU-HCII), the strikers include patient transporters, certified nursing assistants, respiratory and radiology technicians, and housekeepers.

Workers charged Loretto management of paying some titles $2 per hour less than workers at other West Side safety- net hospitals. They also denounced the hospital because the wages are so low that they have to work extra shifts to make ends meet. Workers pointed out the excessive overtime is a threat to patient care.

Pleading poverty, the bosses offered most workers only 30 cents per hour raises, but spent about $1 million to bring in temporary workers. The workers will continue their strike until victory.

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