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Austin students rally in solidarity with Yemen

By staff

Austin, Texas students rally in solidarity with Yemen. | Fight Back! News/staff

Austin, TX – On Friday, January 19 around 35 students and community members gathered off Speedway corridor at the University of Texas at Austin. As the crowd chanted, “Yemen, Yemen stand your ground, turn another ship around!” and “Gaza, Gaza you will rise, you have Yemen by your side!” several students passing by stopped to join in the chants and listen to speeches.

Crystal Silva McCormick of the Austin for Palestine Coalition spoke of Latin American solidarity with Palestine, saying “Our lucha is Palestine's lucha. We know what imperialism looks like.”

Joshua Sklar of Jewish Voice for Peace emphasized the racist and Islamophobic hate the media uses to justify U.S. terror against Yemen and Palestine, as well as how the U.S. and Israeli governments hide behind accusations of antisemitism to justify their crimes.

“Yemen remains determined in its support for Palestinian liberation and so do we,” said SDS member Ashley Awad before leading the crowd in a round of energetic chants. “We must not stop fighting for an end to the siege on Gaza and a free Palestine!”

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