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Anti-war protesters rally at Trump resort in Miami

By staff

Anti-war protesters oppose war on Korea  at Trump resort in Miami.

Doral, FL- On Nov. 11, fifteen protesters gathered outside of Trump National Golf Resort in Doral to demand no military action against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (north Korea). Activists called on Trump to end his warmongering, close the bases, remove U.S troops from along the Korean border, and stop all U.S military exercises taking place in and around the Korean peninsula.

Protesters held signs that read, “Trump, we won’t fight your wars,” and chanted slogans such as, “Korea ain’t done nothing to me, we don’t want no World War Three!” Despite a few belligerent encounters with verbally obnoxious drivers, most cars passing by honked and waved in enthusiastic agreement with the group’s message. Surprisingly, even those cars entering and leaving the resort were supportive.

“This demonstration is the first step in a public campaign to resist war with north Korea and elsewhere, and instead call for diplomacy to resolve the conflict,” said David Gibson, lead organizer with Peace, Justice, Sustainability Florida which called for the action. “The war may not come soon, but its likelihood increases exponentially as we initiate a dangerous and costly arms race in the Pacific. All this to line the pockets of defense contractors.”

The rally was part of a larger day-long event called the “Peace Train for Diplomacy,” in which peace activists hopped on the Tri-Rail train from West Palm Beach going south and got off at the various stops handing out informational flyers and petitions against war on the Korean peninsula. Once the train stopped in Miami, those activists joined up with others to rally outside Trump’s resort.

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