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Anti-war leader denounces Trump’s attack on Syria

By mick

Minneapolis protest against U.S. wars.

Meredith Aby-Keirstead of the Twin Cites based Anti-War Committee blasted Trump’s attack on Syria, April 6, stating, “We denounce U.S. missile attacks on Syria. The U.S. should not increase its intervention in Syria. More bombing will not bring back the victims of this recent chemical weapons use. This escalation risks a broader regional war. Israel is considering invading and Russia could respond too. The U.S. is pouring gasoline on this conflict. The anti-war movement needs to respond in full force by demanding an end to U.S. attacks and get its troops out of Syria.” Aby-Keirstead added, “We can't just protest the Muslim ban. We need to protest how our government creates more refugees.”

The Syrian government has made it clear that it has not used chemical weapons. Many press reports indicate the bombing of a chemical weapons factory run by forces opposing the Syrian government caused casualties In Khan Shaikhun.

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