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On the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

By Communist Party of Venezuela

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The following statement was published today, March 5, by the Communist Party of Venezuela and was written by Freddy Subdiaga, a Party leader in the state of Anzoátegui. The statement was written in Spanish and translated by Fight Back! staff.

This March 5, 2019, when our Venezuelan nation faces the most criminal U.S.-European imperialism stalking humanity, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) will be completing 88 years of combat for the emancipation of the working class from capitalism, the system of the exploiter; guided by the scientific methods of Marxism-Leninism and the integral thinking of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

88 years of raising the banner of the proletarian legion, since March 5, 1931, when the first cell of the PCV was formed in the city of Caracas, having as its predecessor the imprisonment of comrade José Pío Tamayo in the dungeons of Libertador Castle in 1929, who was the initiator of scientific communist thought in this Bolivarian homeland.

In these almost ninety years, the PCV has tempered the steel of numerous generations that went on to fulfill the historic role of the working class, experimenting with different forms and methods of struggle, with the driving purpose to unify the working class, the poor campesinos and revolutionary intellectuals; to march towards the seizure of political power by the working mass from the city and countryside; and to install the sovereignty of the proletariat, which implies the evolution and development of productive forces into a new socialist economic model, liquidating in time the capitalist mode of exploitation.

In this dialectical and historical spiral, the PCV has helped to raise the most felt interests of the workers, campesinos, students; of the indigenous peoples. Leaders such as Argimiro Gabaldón, Alberto Lovera, Donato Carmona, Pedro Ortega Díaz, Ramón Antonio Padrón, among other valiant cadre; backed by bastions of women like Eumelia Hernández, Olga Luzardo, Carmen Consoño, Belén San Juan, Josefina Hernández, among other heroes; youth like Livia Gouverneur, Francisco (Chico) Velázquez, Toribio García... they consecrated their lives for the liberation and emancipation of the working class, the revolutionary proletariat and all of humanity.

For the present and future generations of the working people, as long as the remnants of exploitation of human by human subsists, they will always have the Communist Party of Venezuela as an ideological, political and organic trench of the organized vanguard of the working class, to confront – in the transition from capitalism to socialism – injustice and social inequality, the fruit of wage slavery.

These 88 years of the PCV are a demonstration of constant loyalty to the working class, which elevates dignity and ethics of Venezuelan communists who, like those that came before them, continue to raise the hammer and sickle, the five-pointed star and the red flag, symbols of the class commitment to worker-campesino, communal and revolutionary popular unity, and to international solidarity.

Long live popular anti-imperialist unity!

Long live the self-determination of the peoples!

Proletariat of my homeland, unite!

Long live the Communist Party of Venezuela!

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