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By Redacción

¡Lucha y Resiste! se encontro con Jose Artemio Arreola despues de la marcha. El nos explico como la Coalicion contra HR 4437 construyo la unidad necessaria para que atiendan gente de gran proporcion.

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By Joe Iosbaker

Chicago, IL – Emma Lozano's voice was cracking as she spoke to the thousands of marchers for immigrant rights in Grant Park, July 19. “I'm here to ring the bell for an immediate moratorium on deportations and the raids and sanctions on employers.” The founder of Pueblo Sin Fronteras had just helped to lead over 20,000 on a three and a half mile march in 90-degree heat. The event was a continuation of the mobilizations for immigrant rights begun this spring by Chicago's March 10th Movement.


By staff

Just after the protest, Fight Back! caught up with Jose Artemio Arreola, a key organizer of the massive protest for immigrant rights that rocked Chicago, March 10. He explained how the Coalition Against HR 4437 built the unity necessary for a turnout of such proportion.