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By Jim Byrne

A cage to represent the detention centers holding children.

Tucson, AZ – “Que vivan los ninos! Vivan!” chanted the crowd of nearly 70 outside Tucson’s downtown public library, July 30. They convened, as one mother said, “To support the children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who are fleeing violence, gangs and poverty.” Passersby could not miss the signs naming the causes of migration that read: “U.S. supports coups,” “U.S. fuels civil wars,” “U.S. backs militarization” and “Free Trade ruins lives.”


By Masao Suzuki

_Obama administration begins to speed deportations _

San José, CA – As more Central American children flee violence and poverty and seek to reunite with their families already in the U.S., anti-immigrant vigilantes are targeting buses carrying children. Republican politicians have likened the children to an invading army and have called for changing the law to allow for faster deportations.