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By staff

Protesters hold banners and signs around the statue of Benito Juarez

New Orleans, LA – Dozens of protesters rallied at the statue of Benito Juarez on August 27 to demand hurricane relief funds for all immigrants, regardless of legal status. The rally also came in response to national call to action by the Legalization for All Network to defend DACA against legal attacks and to commemorate the Chicano Moratorium.


By Serena Sojic-Borne

Hurricane Ida.

New Orleans, LA – On August 29, at 11:55 a.m., Hurricane Ida made landfall on the Louisiana coast. The storm arrived on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Like then, working class, Black, and indigenous Louisianans are least able to evacuate and suffer the most damages.


By brad

Brigade in Utuado, Puerto Rico helps repair damage following the hurricane.

Utuado, Puerto Rico — On Oct. 21, a large volunteer work brigade of over 50 people went to Utuado, 65 miles west of San Juan near the middle of the island. They did basic post-hurricane relief work that still hasn't been done by the U.S. government or any other official body a month after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.


By Cassia Laham

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Over 600,000 residents of South Florida were ordered to leave their homes in mandatory evacuations put into place due to Hurricane Irma. However, the government was vastly underprepared to house and help those residents forced to leave their homes.


By Elizabeth Kramer

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Tampa, FL – Hurricanes are a common experience to most Floridians, especially to residents of the Tampa Bay area, where hurricanes and tropical storms hit or brush by about every two years. However, Category 4 Hurricane Irma, which is now projected to move up the center of the state, is making some of the most seasoned Floridians panic.


By National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following letter from the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) urging support for the victims of tropical storm Ondoy/Ketsana.