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By Masao Suzuki

San José, CA – On Wednesday, March 1, food stamp benefits were cut for more than 30 million low-income Americans. The average loss will be about one-third of the monthly benefits. Hardest hit would be many seniors getting food stamps, who would lose more than 90% of their monthly benefit.


By David Hungerford

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East Orange, NJ – The People’s Organization for Progress (POP) held a protest here, Dec. 18 against the recently concluded ‘budget deal’ that will end unemployment benefits to 1.3 million people at the end of this month and to many more in months after.


By staff

Welfare Rights Committee tells Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ‘Undo the Food  Stamp cuts!’

Minneapolis, MN – Members of the Twin Cities-based Welfare Rights Committee held signs and banners during rush-hour, Nov. 12, in front of U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office, telling her to undo the November Food Stamp/SNAP cuts, and to stop further cuts to Food Stamps.