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By Simon Rowe

Tampa Teamsters prepare to strike.

Tampa, Fl – On Friday June 30, 100 Teamsters rallied outside the Tampa UPS building for the union’s national practice picketing call to action. UPS drivers rallied first before their start time with a second rally happening for-part timers after they left the early morning or preload shift. June 30 was the deadline the International Brotherhood of Teamsters gave UPS for their best and final economic proposal.


By Fight Back

UPS Teamsters are continuing the fight for a decent contract.

Tampa, FL – Rank-and-file trade union activists from Teamsters Local 79 hit the gates, Oct. 8, getting petition signatures and handing out call-in information to pressure the IBT National Negotiating Committee into further negotiations with UPS. This comes after Denis Taylor and the Hoffa administration announced the ratification of the contract, despite it being rejected by the membership.


By staff

Members of IBT Local 79 are campaigning against a concessionary contract at UPS.

Tampa, FL – With the vote count a little less than two weeks out, west Florida UPSers will be voting ‘no’ on the tentative agreement. Despite retaliation from the company, rank-and-file militants have been informing the membership of Local 79 throughout the contract negotiation process. Now that balloting information has been mailed out and the vote is underway they are making sure UPS Teamsters have received their ballots and voted.