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By David Almeida

San Jose protest demands justice for Demetrius Stanley.

San Jose, CA – Protesters gathered at San Jose City Hall, June 1, for a candlelight prayer vigil, as well as a march, after the murder of Demetrius Stanley by the San Jose Police Department. San Jose residents, including the family and friends of Demetrius Stanley, arrived at around 7 p.m. Led by B.L.A.C.K. Outreach and HERO Tent, they introduced the program, explaining what led to the murder of Stanley by SJPD. In addition, they allowed community members to express their anger. One community member stated, “The same laws that allow those pigs to kill us, were written 300 years ago. The whole system has to go.”


By staff

San José, CA – San Jose police backed up by county sheriffs attacked protesters as they tried to rally at City Hall on Friday, May 29. 1000 people, mainly young, had gathered to protest the killing of George Floyd and other African Americans by police. They took to the streets and blocked a freeway with signs reading “Black lives matter” and speakers condemning President Trump. But when the protest tried to march to the City Hall plaza, which is a traditional site for political rallies, they were blocked by a line of police who unleashed tear gas. When protesters resisted, the police used flashbang grenades, rubber bullets and batons to try to break up the demonstration.

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