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By Frank Lynch

March Against Monsanto in San Diego, CA.

San Diego, CA – People assembled across the globe, May 20, to protest the corporate chemical behemoth Monsanto. These demonstrations are an annual event, facilitated by the organization March Against Monsanto, and organized at the grassroots level by concerned people. One such local protest was in sunny Temecula, California, known for its own booming small farming sector. People from San Diego and Riverside counties came together in 90-degree heat to show their discontent with the industrial agribusiness giant.


By Alekos Zambrano

Marisol Marquez of Raices En Tampa demanding Monsanto out of Colombia

Tampa FL – Over 200 people gathered in downtown Tampa’s Lykes Gaslight Park, May 23, to rally against Monsanto and march in support of fair labeling practices. Protesters held signs saying “Hell no GMOs,” “We are not a science experiment,” and “Stop eating cancer.” The crowd chanted, “Wendy’s and Micky D’s, stop using GMOs please.”


By Derek Clark

Freedom Road Socialist Organization in Salt Lake City march against Monsanto.

Salt Lake City, UT – Over 200 activists and community members gathered at the state capitol, May 24, to join with cities across the country by rallying against the Monsanto Corporation. People assembled on the steps of the capitol despite the rain to listen to a number of speakers including Craig Bowden, Melanie Widerburg-Zucker, Justin Danneman, Lorena Apgar Hansen and Jonathan Hansen. People spoke of the effects that Monsanto has across the globe and locally on families and communities.


By Cassia Laham

Miami marches against Monsanto.

Miami, FL – About 400 people gathered downtown here, May 24, as part of a global day of action to “March Against Monsanto.” Activists and concerned families, young and old, met outside of the Adrienne Arsht Center Metro Mover with signs and banners, chanting, “Save our farmers, save our seeds, listen to the people's needs!”


By Tom Burke

Grand Rapids, MI – Many are out marching and protesting Monsanto this spring, demanding food be healthy and safe, that Monsanto products be labeled as GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and insisting that one corporation should not control the entire seed supply or corner the market. Unions and immigrant rights groups are demanding protections and decent pay for farm workers who use Monsanto products in the fields.


By Raymond D. Franklin

Savannah, GA – About 100 people marched from Johnson Square after a large rally against the Monsanto Corporation, a bio-technical and chemical giant. Monsanto plays a major role in industrialized agriculture. Marchers voiced concern or opposition to Monsanto’s genetically modified crops, unfair labor practices and poor treatment of workers. Today, genetically engineered crops account for 93% of all U.S. soybeans and about 90% of corn.