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Hundreds march against Monsanto in Miami

By Cassia Laham

Miami marches against Monsanto.

Miami, FL – About 400 people gathered downtown here, May 24, as part of a global day of action to “March Against Monsanto.” Activists and concerned families, young and old, met outside of the Adrienne Arsht Center Metro Mover with signs and banners, chanting, “Save our farmers, save our seeds, listen to the people's needs!”

Those in attendance called on the corporate food monopoly to stop creating and selling genetically modified organisms (GMOs), for the U.S. government to place labels on all genetically modified foods and for the food giant to stop forcing farmers throughout the world to buy its seeds and products.

“While the health concerns regarding GMOs are legitimate, what is worse is the disastrous impact Monsanto has on people and workers throughout the world,” said Pamela Maldonado, a lead organizer with the anti-war group POWIR. “In countries like Colombia, where I was born, Monsanto and the U.S. continue to instigate violence and repression.”

Monsanto is a powerful arm of the U.S. empire, especially in Colombia where the U.S. government and Monsanto work in tandem to destroy the lands and farms of small farmers in that country. The majority of farms destroyed by Monsanto's poisons are those owned by farmers living in areas where the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have a strong presence. So the toxic chemicals created by Monsanto are being used to further U.S. domination over the people of Colombia.

Hundreds of people marched along Biscayne Boulevard, beginning first on the sidewalk and later taking to the streets chanting, “Hell no, GMO! Hell no, GMO!” Onlookers took part in the chanting and some even joined in the march, as passing cars honked in solidarity. As people marched under the hot South Florida sun, they held signs that read, “I am not a science experiment,” and “Support farmers and workers! End Monsanto's monopoly over the food industry!”

The march lasted two hours, as protesters wound their way throughout busy Biscayne Bay. Upon returning to the Metro Mover stop, protesters listened to speeches by local community members and political hopefuls.

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