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By Jo Hargis

Dallas speaking event with veteran Chicano activist Carlos Montes.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Dallas, TX – On October 5 at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center in Dallas, Carlos Montes gave a lively talk to a rapt audience of 32 people. A cofounder of the Brown Berets and organizer of the Chicano Moratorium against the Vietnam War, Montes’ experiences are a rich resource to today’s organizers. The historically Chicano neighborhood of Oak Cliff was a fitting setting for a talk that spanned Montes’ organizing, the origin of the Chicano nation and its right to self-determination, Black/brown unity, and the need for revolutionary organization.


By staff

LA protest demands an end to attacks on immigrants. | Fight Back! News staff

Los Angeles, CA – 30 people gathered at Mariachi Plaza in LA’s Boyle Heights neighborhood, September 15, to demand Texas Governor Greg Abbott comply with the federal judge-ordered removal of buoys at the Río Grande/Rio Bravo. Chanting “Abbott is a liar, remove the racist wire!” and “¿Qué es lo que queremos? ¡Legalización! ¿Cuando? ¡Ahora!” supporters and speakers gathered as part of the week of action called by the Legalization for All (L4A) Network in conjunction with activists in Eagle Pass, Texas, where the buoys were dumped into the river.


By Sol Márquez

Valeria Wheeler, the executive director of Mission: Border Hope.  | Eagle Pass Border Coalition

By Sol Márquez and Brad Sigal

Eagle Pass, TX – The Eagle Pass Border Coalition, located on the Rio Grande at the U.S.-México border, teamed up with local partners and with the Legalization for All (L4A) Network to kick off nationwide events with a press conference September 11, at Mission Border Hope in Eagle Pass.


By staff

Sept 10-16 Week of Action Remove the Buoys, Governor Abbot

Eagle Pass, TX – Since the creation of Operation Lone Star in 2021, various tactics have been used to further militarize the U.S./México border.