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Eagle Pass, Texas activists kick off national week of action demanding Texas Gov. Abbott remove deadly razor buoys from Rio Grande

By Sol Márquez

Valeria Wheeler, the executive director of Mission: Border Hope.  | Eagle Pass Border Coalition

By Sol Márquez and Brad Sigal

Eagle Pass, TX – The Eagle Pass Border Coalition, located on the Rio Grande at the U.S.-México border, teamed up with local partners and with the Legalization for All (L4A) Network to kick off nationwide events with a press conference September 11, at Mission Border Hope in Eagle Pass.

Speakers included representatives from the Eagle Pass Border Coalition and some of their local partners, including Iglesia Lutera San Lucas, the Border Vigil, First United Methodist Church of Eagle Pass, Mission Border Hope, and LULAC Council 22519 of Eagle Pass.

The press conference announced details and scheduled events of the L4A Week of Action, which is running from September 10 to September 16. The week of action will feature various events and activities across the country, such as rallies, marches, vigils, forums, workshops and call-in events.

Jessie F. Fuentes, owner of Epi’s Canoe & Kayak Team in Eagle Pass, said, “A tiny little community on the Texas border has the world’s attention because here is where human dignity and intolerance are clashing. If we allow these atrocities to continue we are headed down a path of destruction.”

The L4A Week of Action demands that Texas Governor Abbott remove the deadly razor buoys from the Rio Grande – buoys which have already led to injuries and deaths of immigrants. The Legalization for All Network stands united among the following pillars: legalization for all of the undocumented now, no racist border wall, no border militarization and no more deaths, stop the exploitation of undocumented workers, stop the separation of families, and stop sterilization and sexual violence against the undocumented.

At the press conference, Eagle Pass native Karyme Flores, a university student in Denton, stated, “What started as a small community effort is evolving. Our story is being heard around the state, country and the world, and people want to help. This action week shows that Eagle Pass is not alone and the good fight will continue!”

The L4A Week of Action is part of a broader movement for social justice and human rights that challenges the oppressive, racist actions of the U.S. government and corporations. The L4A network is composed of dozens of organizations that represent various sectors and communities of immigrants, such as students, workers, women, LGBTQ, indigenous peoples, refugees and asylum seekers.

At the press conference Dr. Adriana Martinez said, “In my hometown of Eagle Pass we are fighting for border communities and immigrants all along the southern border, we are fighting for human rights and for the river. This week of action shows that solidarity.”

You can find more information about the L4A network and the Week of Action at Fight Back News and Legalization For All .

The Eagle Pass Border Coalition and the Legalization for All Network are inviting all people who support the cause to join them in this week’s events and activities.

Border Vigil organizer Amerika Garcia-Grewal echoes the invitation, saying, “Those of us that live here on the border know that the Rio Grande is not a line that divides us, but a space that unites us. We are here to stand in solidarity with our partner organizations to advocate for the rights and dignity of all immigrants.”

Current list of events (in formation):

Minneapolis, MN – Wednesday, September 13, 5:30 p.m. Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee at the UMN Student Union protest against border militarization and demanding “Texas Governor Abbott, remove the razor buyouts in front of the Rio Grande, NOW!” Contact MIRAC at [email protected] or on social media at @MIRACMN 

San Jose, CA – Thursday, September 14, 6:00 p.m. at 48 S 7th Street #101, San Jose, California. Silicon Valley Immigration Committee Border Educational: Remove the Buoys, Governor Abbott! “In support of L4A’s week of action SVIC is holding an educational at the San Jose Peace & Justice Center on Abbott’s Operational Lone Star and the line of razor-covered buoys dumped into the Rio Grande and the injustices towards immigrants as a result.” Contact SVIC on Instagram @SVImmigrationCommittee 

Los Angeles, CA – Friday, September 15, 5 p.m. at Mariachi Plaza 101 N Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, California. “Join the Centro CSO immigration rapid response team as we hold a protest demanding the judge-ordered removal of the buoys and concertina wire at the Rio Grande and legalization for all now. Bring a poster and join us!” Contact CSO at (323) 484-8630 [email protected] or @CentroCSO on social media.

For inquiries or interviews, please contact the Eagle Pass Border Coalition at +1-830-294-8380 or [email protected] and Legalization for All Network at 323-401-0433 [email protected] or follow them on Instagram @LegalizationForAll and X @LegalizeForAll.

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