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By Montana Hirsch

Minneapolis protest demands justice

Minneapolis, MN – On July 4, more than 200 protesters took the streets on wheels for a new type of march calling for an end to a fundamentally racist criminal justice system and “#Justice4All.” Protesters were on bikes, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, as well as in a car caravan as they rolled through various neighborhoods in Minneapolis. The protest was organized by Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) along with co-hosts Native Lives Matter, CAIR-Minnesota, LatinoAltRock, and Asamblea de Derechos Civiles. Messaging included slogans such as: “Abolish ICE,” “Prosecute the police,” and linking the struggles with: “The whole damn system is guilty as hell.”


By staff

Minneapolis, MN — On March 20, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced charges against former Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor for the murder of Justine Damond. That same night, Justice for Justine Damond and the rest of the Twin Cities anti-police crimes movement came together to demand #Justice4All with a rally of around 100 people. March 21 was Noor’s first appearance in court.