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By Jacob Muldoon

Progressive organizations meet in Orlando, discuss plans to resist attacks from

Orlando, FL – On Saturday, August 19, a panel of progressive organizations organized by Las Semillas was held at the Orange County Public Library. The purpose of this panel was for progressive organizations to network, present the work they are doing in their communities, and have a discussion about pressing political issues. All of these activities contribute to the goal of building a united front against the DeSantis administration and the deterioration of material conditions, especially for the working class of Central Florida. “Florida’s on fire in more ways than one, so we’re glad to be in concert with anyone trying to put the pieces together,” stated the social media post promoting the event.


By Diego Gonzalez

Orlando rally against Governor Ron DeSantis’ dismissal of State Attorney Monique

Orlando, FL – On August 10, an emergency rally was held in Orlando to address Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent dismissal of State Attorney Monique Worrell.


By Quest Riggs

Protesters gather outside Jones Creek Library.

Baton Rouge, LA – On July 24, protesters from across Louisiana gathered outside Jones Creek Library in East Baton Rouge Parish. They chanted and waved signs, voicing their opposition to Louisiana Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley’s meeting with Moms for Liberty, a far-right national organization identified as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


By staff

FL students are fighting Governor DeSantis’ attacks on education.

Tampa, FL – On April 6, students at the University of South Florida rallied around protecting diversity in the face of recent attacks on legislation on diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI) and multicultural programs. The event was hosted by Students for a Democratic Society.


By Natalie Kazim

Tallahassee, FL – On March 2, the first day of legislative session, organizers from across the state of Florida gathered in front of the Old Historic Capitol Building to highlight the statewide fight against Governor Ron DeSantis’ anti-protest legislation, House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 484 (HB1/SB484).