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USF students demand their administration stand up to DeSantis’ attacks!

By staff

FL students are fighting Governor DeSantis’ attacks on education.

Tampa, FL – On April 6, students at the University of South Florida rallied around protecting diversity in the face of recent attacks on legislation on diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI) and multicultural programs. The event was hosted by Students for a Democratic Society.

Students gathered outside their student center on their campus. The protest amassed about 20 students, holding signs promoting diversity while chanting for Ron DeSantis to go away.

Tampa Bay SDS member Vaidehi Persad said, “We’re in the struggle to make this campus a more equitable, more diverse, more inclusive campus for everyone.” Students gave speeches addressing the inaction of USF towards diversity in the face of continued attacks from DeSantis.

The protest also centered around the demand to drop the charges on the Tampa 4. The Tampa 4 recently became the Tampa 5, as another student and SDS member, Lauren Piniero, has been charged by the university.

Speakers at the protest detailed how USF administration has stood by and complied with attacks on DEI from DeSantis. Students from SDS also presented their demands for the university administration, including a meeting with USF President Rhea Law to discuss the future of DEI programs at the university.

Despite prolonged silence and continued repression from their university, Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society plans to keep up their efforts to save diversity on their campus. SDS member Joseph Charry says, “We need to keep organizing. We need to continue to protest against USF’s compliance with these attacks on our education.”

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