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By staff

Grafton, WI – Near the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Grafton – a small rural town just outside the Milwaukee metropolitan area – entered the headlines when the Wisconsin National Guard sent medics to a senior care facility experiencing an outbreak and staff shortages. Since then, thousands of Wisconsinites have died from COVID-19.


By Masao Suzuki

Masao Suzuki

San José, CA – Republicans in the House and Senate have blocked an effort by Democrats to increase the amount of individual payments in the new pandemic aid act from $600 to $2000. Many progressive Democrats including Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had tried to increase the amount during the negotiations over the new aid package. These payments have been very popular, and at the last minute, President Trump chimed in, saying that he would refuse to sign the bill unless the larger amount was included.


By Jake Holtzman

Texas workers demand 600 dollar unemployment benefit.

Austin, TX – On the morning of September 8, a group of around 100 unemployed artisans, designers, technicians, stagehands and other entertainment industry workers held a protest to push for $600 in unemployment benefits and pass the HEROES Act now. The protest was organized by IATSE Local 484 and Local 205, along with many independent contractors.