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By Dave Schneider

I went into Eli Roth's The Green Inferno with very low expectations. Boasting the tagline, “No good deed goes unpunished,” this 2015 horror film follows the gory demise of a group of college student activists from the U.S. who get captured, tortured and eaten by a cannibalistic tribe in the Amazon rainforest.


By Joe Mingle

Madison, WI – Students scored a major victory in February, when a five-day sit-in at the administration building forced UW Chancellor David Ward to meet demands for the University to take a stronger position against sweatshop labor. At issue is the UW role in negotiating a Code of Conduct with 150 other universities and the Collegiate Licensing Company that seeks to ensure that college apparel is not made under sweatshop conditions.


By staff

High school students rally at City Hall, March 27, 2006

Los Angeles, CA – High school students rally at City Hall, March 27, 2006, to protest the anti-immigrant legislation pending in congress. Across California, thousands of high school students walked out of classes to participate in demonstrations.

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