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senator bill nelson

By Robbey Hayes

Coral Gables, FL – At noon, Oct. 14, ten anti-war activists gathered in downtown Coral Gables and marched to Senator Bill Nelson’s office demanding, “U.S. hands off Syria and Iraq!” Nelson is a pro-war Democrat and member of the Armed Services Committee. The protesters chanted, “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!”


By staff

Protesters fill the hall near at Nelson’s office demanding no war with Syria.

Jacksonville, FL – Over 60 protesters stormed U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s Jacksonville office on Sept. 12, demanding that the senator renounce his support for President Barack Obama’s proposed military strike on Syria. Nelson says he will vote yes for a U.S. war on Syria.


By Jared Hamil

Protesters chant Hands Off Syria to Sen. Bill Nelson.

Tampa, FL – As President Obama seeks approval from Congress to attack Syria, protests have been spurring up all over the country. Over 150 protesters gathered in Tampa to demand “U.S. hands off Syria.” Protesters gathered at an intersection, Sept. 7, chanting and waving signs while motorists honked in support. This protest had grown in size from last week, with many more Syrian Americans attending.