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By Robert Engel

Samidoun flags wave at Seattle Palestine rally. | Fight Back! News/staff

Seattle, WA – On October 14, over 1000 people rallied in Westlake Park to show support for the liberation of the Palestinian people.

Since the successful offensive by the Palestinian Resistance only a week before, many organizations in Seattle and across the world have held massive demonstrations showing support for Palestine. Amid calls by the Israeli minister of defense for “total war on Gaza,” calling Gazans “human animals” and making plans to treat them as such, the Seattle community has been made it clear that they support the right for Gaza to defend itself.


By Juan L. García

Carlos Montes with Garfield HS history teacher Juan Garcia.

Today, I am proud to be Latin American. Today I will not complain about injustices. Today I will not cry. Today, in addition to celebrating our heritage, we must reflect and begin to love our America, just as José Martí, to really love her! It is time to be proud, to raise your forehead high and not be afraid. It is time to feel the pride of coming from a land where the cosmic race was born, where people from all over the world were merged into a clash where there was death, blood, conquest and colonialism. But from this brutal change, hope was born ... a new culture, with strong roots, mixed with earth, mud, stone and full of life. Today I want to tell all of you, old, young and children to discover your roots! This way you can have the pride of being who you are and want to fight for what is yours.


By Juan L. García

Carlos Montes con Juan Garcia

Hoy, me siento orgulloso de ser latinoamericano. Hoy no me voy a quejar de las injusticias, hoy no voy a llorar. Hoy, además de celebrar en una Buena fiesta, es tiempo de reflexionar y empezar a querer a nuestra América, como lo hizo José Martí, ¡a quererla de verdad! Es tiempo de tener orgullo, de levantar la frente en alto y no tener miedo. Mejor sentir el orgullo de venir de una tierra donde nació la raza cósmica, donde se fundieron gente de todo el mundo en un choque donde hubo muerte, sangre, conquista y colonialismo. Pero de este cambio brutal nació la esperanza… una cultura nueva, con raíces fuertes, mezcladas con tierra, lodo, piedra y llenas de vida. ¡Hoy quiero decirle a todos ustedes, viejos, jóvenes y niños que descubran sus raíces! Y así podrán tener el orgullo de ser quienes son y querrán luchar por lo suyo.

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