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By Carlos Montes

LA protest against police killings.

Los Angeles, CA – Several families of young Chicano men killed by the LAPD joined a militant protest in front of the LAPD headquarters, March 30. A large banner with the slogan, “LAPD, stop killing Black and Brown people,” was displayed at the protest.


By Sol Márquez

Participants in Tuscon, AZ MEChA National Conference.

Tucson, AZ – Over 400 students from all over the country traveled to the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) National Conference, held in University of Arizona in Tucson, March 18 and 19.


By staff

Tucson, AZ – The National 2016 MEChA conference is being held in the heart of the city of Tucson, Arizona on March 18-20. MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, the Chicano student movement founded in 1969. Thousands are expected to meet for discussions and workshops on a variety of cultural, political and national struggles that affect the Chicano nation and other oppressed nationalities.


By Jacob Flom

Hundreds of people rallied in support of Adam Hernandez July 20.

Shorewood, WI – After enormous pressure from the community, bogus charges against a Black high school student accused of stealing chicken nuggets were finally dropped. Hundreds of people rallied in support of freshman Adam Hernandez outside the Shorewood Village Hall July 20.


By Carlos Montes

_ The Struggle Continues_

Woman with the Brown Berets at a rally with a flag

Los Angeles, CA – Today, Aug. 29, 2009, shows that our people are continuing the fight for equality and self-determination. It was demonstrated by the many groups that were present today at Salazar Park, including the student group MECHA and the new Brown Berets, to commemorate the historic day in 1970 when over 20,000 Chicanos marched down historic Whittier Boulevard in East L.A. to protest the war in Vietnam and the high casualty rate of Chicanos. The mass peaceful rally in 1970 was attacked by the Los Angeles Police Department and the sheriffs. Ruben Salazar, news director for KMEX, was killed, along with Angel Diaz and Lynn Ward. A similar example of repression took place on May 1, 2007 when the LAPD attacked a pro-immigrant rights rally at MacArthur Park.


By Eric Gardner

Sign showing cancellation of Minutemen event at UCLA

Los Angeles, CA – Chanting, “What do we want? Legalization! When do we want it? Now!” a group of over 200 University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) students and community members gathered outside of a campus lecture hall where Carl Braun, executive director of the California Minutemen Civil Defense Corps was scheduled to speak, Feb. 6.