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Hands Off Yugoslavia!

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – The Twin Cities-based Emergency Committee Against US Intervention in Yugoslavia sent a solidarity statement to an October 16 anti-war demonstration in Brussels, Belgium. The protest was a response to threats by the U.S.-dominated military alliance, NATO, to attack Yugoslavia. Demonstrators organized by the Workers Party of Belgium demanded, “No NATO Bombings, NATO out of the Balkans.”

The statement read in part: “Over the past few days, the US government has been poised for yet another military intervention. This time the target is Yugoslavia. The war cry is human rights, but we all know that the Pentagon does not intervene in the interests of anyone but the large corporations.”

The statement concluded, “Modern wars and interventions by the big powers are carried out to determine control of resources, economic and political questions. The threat of intervention is not being carried out in the interests of any of the peoples of the Balkans, but in the interests of those who want to carve up the resources of the region for their own use.”

In a recent interview, Mick Kelly, of the Emergency Committee stated, “There is a growing danger of a US/NATO war against Yugoslavia. Washington is already waging an air war on Iraq, threatening North Korea, and the machinery has long been in place to strike the Balkans. We can not, and will not remain silent in the face of any new war moves. The anti-intervention movement can and will respond to any additional threats against Yugoslavia.”

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