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Workers in Portland demand justice on May Day

By Keadin Stayer

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Portland, OR – Over 150 workers took to the streets in Portland this May Day, led by a coalition of anti-imperialist and migrant-led organizations including the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) and the Portland branch of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Speakers addressed the crowd, practicing chants and going over safety before demonstrators departed in two columns; a marching group traveled over the Tilikum Bridge while a car caravan traveled to the Federal Justice Center. Protesters rhythmically honked their horns and shouted chants, demanding “international solidarity” and calling out “Get up! Get down! There’s a workers’ movement in this town!”

Speeches continued on the bridge and in front of the federal building before both groups continued their processions to the Portland ICE building.

The federal police arrived in SUVs shortly after the protesters arrived. The police lined up and menaced the crowd of working families with batons and gas cannons before retreating into the ICE facility. The crowd remained in front of the building chanting and listening to speeches and performances from activists until the event was concluded by organizers that evening.

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