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West Michigan protests Trump's Muslim ban at Ford Airport

By Tom Burke

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Grand Rapids, MI – Between 500 and 600 people protested President Trump's Muslim travel ban at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in West Michigan. The protesters stretched for a quarter mile along the busy entrance road to the airport at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 29.

“No hate! No fear! Refugees are welcome here!” rang out from the crowd dressed in snow boots and heavy winter coats. Many people came in small groups with friends or family. They carried homemade signs supporting immigrants and refugees, as well as Muslims. Others had signs opposing more U.S. wars and supporting human rights for peoples of the Middle East. Cars exiting the airport honked their horns in support while newly arrived passengers gave the thumbs up or waved to the crowd of hundreds.

As a snow blizzard blew over the airport, the large crowd began to march back to the airport entrance. A group of Grand Valley State University students chanted, “When human rights are under attack! Stand up! Fight back!”

Kim McKeon of the Institute for Global Education came with a carload of women from her group. After the rally she said, “Even our Republican Congressperson Justin Amash is pushing back against Trump. Having so many people turn out to protest in Grand Rapids on such short notice should make the Republicans think about the growing opposition to their agenda.”

Rep. Amash called Trump's immigrant and refugee ban “unlawful” and “extreme” as it targets seven majority-Muslim countries.

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