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Week 13 of Asarco Strike sees more RedForEd donations

By Jim Byrne

Arizona Asarco strikers.

Tucson, AZ – As one of the country’s longest running strikes continues into week 13, educators from Arizona’s RedForEd movement brought food donations to the picket line. The eight unions serving nearly 2000 workers at five Asarco copper mining operations have created a tradition at the Pima Mine: Sunday dinner. It’s a beautiful display of worker solidarity and union power as striking workers and their families come eat a warm meal and enjoy their camaraderie. It is there that a van-full of non-perishable goods from Phoenix-area educators was delivered.

President of the Chandler Education Association, Katie Nash, said “I came down to the picket line to show solidarity to union siblings who showed us solidarity during our strike in 2018. It’s important as union siblings that we stand united and lift each other up when needed. Many educators contributed to this because we know their parents are doing the right thing by striking but we wanted to make sure their children continue to have food.”

The Arizona Education Association donated $1000 at the beginning of the strike in October and a handful of locals have followed suit the Chandler Education donated $200 to strikers and the Tucson Education Association donated $250 and raised another $260 from members.

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