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Venezuela’s communists: New stage of the Bolivarian Process

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following article by Oswaldo Ramos, Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) National Secretary for Ideological Education. The article was published August 25, in Tribune Popular , and was translated to English by Fight Back! staff.

The Venezuelan political situation has reached a new level of confrontation; not because the hegemonic forces within the Bolivarian process wanted it, but because the plans for a coup d’etat – which have existed since the very beginning of the process – have intensified in recent months.

These plans, which include acts of terrorist violence via fascist and mercenary groups, have failed to achieve the objectives set by imperialism and implemented with the lapdog complicity of the stateless right, grouped mostly in the MUD [Democratic Unity Roundtable].

Through the U.S. State Department and the Southern Command, these plans are made and directed, aiming to reproduce recipes of destabilization already used successfully in other countries.

The Venezuelan people have seen and suffered the most varied types of coup actions, at the media, psychological, economic, institutional, and international levels; making process with the implementation of each one of them.

[The opposition] have positioned the matrix of opinion that in Venezuela there is no geographic space without protests and that the whole people accompany them, when in reality every day are reduced the sectors that support them, since their own followers are besieged, they have paid a toll and suffer the attacks of their thuggish and terroristic actions.

Political and Conceptual Clarity

The terrorist sectors of the MUD and those acting jointly with it have directed their attacks directly to the institutional front, looking for the breakdown of governability and the capacity of the Government’s response, to weaken and demoralize the Bolivarian people.

As they do not have enough popular support, they have proposed to pressure the economy, attacking supply points and food transportation to sharpen the shortage and the increase of prices, with the purpose of encouraging participation in the looting that they often induce against hardware stores, liquor stores or other establishments that have nothing to do with food supply.

They dedicate themselves to besieging the population by deploying mercenary groups, leaving a trail of dead, wounded, destroyed, looted, incinerated and terrorized, with images that strike fear into the collective and individual imagination of the Venezuelan people and of public opinion around the world.

This criminal behavior of the fascist right is explained by the counter-offensive that has unleashed imperialism, especially North American imperialism, to regain political control in our Latin American continent and to roll back the advances in the project of national liberation of the peoples; so this conflict has a clear international and patriotic character.

The increase in the coup’s plans – fostered and supported from abroad – envision, if necessary, direct military action by imperialism in favor of the big bourgeoisie and against the interests of the working people; so this confrontation also acquires a defined class character.

For all this, the most extensive patriotic and anti-imperialist unity, especially of revolutionaries, both nationally and internationally, is indispensable.

We must also defend the people’s victories we have achieved historically and in the Bolivarian process, and the concrete expressions of the united progress of the peoples in the struggle for independence and sovereign development.

In addition, within the framework of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), we must deepen the fight against the class enemy, making it clear that the correlation of forces within the ANC – alone – is not conducive to the revolutionary deepening of the process of the Bolivarian movement, but in order to achieve real progress and policies in favor of the interests of the people, to respond to the demands and needs of the people, it will require conscious, organized and combative mobilizations, with worker-peasant and popular unity, and the proposals of a revolutionary program.

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