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UPS Freight, Hoffa, push terrible final offer

By staff

Washington, DC – UPS Freight (UPSF) employees will be voting on a Last, Best, and Final Offer (LBFO) presented by the company on November 9, 10 and the 11. The vote will take place in person at UPSF employees’ respective local unions and will not be online like the previous vote. The previous tentative agreement was rejected by the membership with a 62% “no” vote.

In an October 25 memorandum sent to all UPSF Teamster members, the negotiating committee said, “the LBFO does not sufficiently address the issues raised by the members.” However, “because of the company’s insistence that there is no more money to be had...the negotiating committee decided to submit the LBFO for acceptance or rejection.”

The claim that there is “no more money to be had” is ridiculous. UPS announced on October 24 that profits are up: $250 million higher than this time last year and a projected annual profit of $6.1 to $6.4 billion. Despite these record profits, the Teamsters negotiating committees are parroting the company’s talking points rather than calling them out.

A strike could occur as early as November 12 if the LBFO is rejected by the membership.

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