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University of Houston students hold Trump piñata bash

By Fabian Van Onzin

Houston SDS is getting read to protest Trump at the Republican debate

Houston, TX – On Feb. 25, the Republican candidates debate will take place at the University of Houston (UH). As part of their Dump Trump campaign, Students for a Democratic Society held a Trump piñata bash on campus, Feb. 19. Students walking by said they were very impressed with the piñata and support the Dump Trump campaign. Some offered to help us hand out leaflets for the protest of the debate.

Students got on a megaphone and to say one thing they don't like about Trump, and then took a whack at the piñata with Trump's face on it. One young woman said, “I don't like Trump because a sexist who says horrible misogynistic things about women and wants to cut all programs for working mothers.” Another student said, “Trump is a capitalist who hates Mexican people and wants to terrorize the Mexican-American community.” While the students hit the piñata, everyone chanted, “Dump Trump, dump Trump, dump Trump.” so that everyone on campus could see what we were doing.

Alex Hayes, the chair of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at UH says, “The provost of the university is asking all faculty to cancel classes so that the Republicans can use the university to voice their agenda of racism, hatred and fear. Yet, students who have tried to get tickets to attend the debate were told that only Republican National Committee members could get tickets, and that a few very expensive tickets will be on sale next week. So, the Republicans get to come to the university to promote their hate speech at the expense of the education of the students.”

Hayes continued, “When the Republicans show up next week, we will be ready for them with a large protest. We are doing a lot of organizing for our protest and are certain a lot of students will show up. Next week, we will be doing a banner-making party on campus and display our signs for everyone to see. We will also be holding a protest next week, demanding that the university not cancel classes for the Republican debate and that they allow university students to attend the debate if they want.”

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