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Twin Cities students demand fake abortion clinics off campus

By Mira Altobell-Resendez

Minneapolis, MN – 45 University of Minnesota students and community members gathered November 11 outside the Prospect Park location of First Care Pregnancy Center to demand that crisis pregnancy centers be removed from campus and defunded by the state. A classroom projector was used to display slogans such as “Abortion is healthcare” and “Fake abortion clinic” on the front of the building as protesters chanted.

Crisis pregnancy centers are predatory institutions that disguise themselves as well-intentioned reproductive health resource centers, but which in reality push anti-abortion sentiments onto their patients and provide paltry healthcare services.

Sorcha Lona from UMN Students for a Democratic Society pointed out that “despite its name, its positioning as a care provider, and its location only a mile from campus, the intent is clear: to take advantage of vulnerable people in life-altering scenarios and to push them away from the safe and responsible decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

Montana Hirsch from the Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition highlighted how people’s movements make up the core of the fight for women’s and reproductive justice since Democratic Party leadership has proven to be useless in making progressive changes. Hirsch reminded us that although the state of Minnesota reelected democrat Tim Walz as governor over his republican opponent Scott Jensen, “the fight is far from over. Walz is still funding fake clinics like First Care. He has not taken action to fund more abortion clinics across the state. Instead, he has asked for our votes, our donations, and support while consistently acting to squash people’s movements.”

Other speakers included Sasmit Rahman from Students for a Democratic Society, Sara from Students for Reproductive Freedom, CJ from Climate Justice Committee, and David Gilbert-Pederson from Minnesota Workers United.

Students for a Democratic Society closed out the action by inviting anyone who wants to help build the fight for increased abortion access and other facets of women’s and reproductive rights on campus to join them in their meetings on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in 112 Folwell Hall.

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