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Twin Cites protest to demand ‘Trump out now!’

By staff

One of many large anti Trump protests called by Resist from Day One Coalition

Minneapolis, MN – Organized by the Resist from Day One Coalition, a Trump Out Now protest has been set for 4:30 p.m., June1, at the federal courthouse in downtown Minneapolis (4th Street and 4th Avenue).

According to a statement from protest organizers, “We can’t wait until 2020 or wait patiently for processes like impeachment to run their excruciatingly slow bureaucratic course to push Trump out. Every day he stays in office he is a threat to humanity and his policies continue to severely harm millions of people at home and abroad.”

The statement continues, “Mass protests have stopped some of Trump’s worst proposals from moving forward – like the Muslim ban and the health care disaster. We need to build on that and get millions of people in the streets across the country standing up and saying the time is now for Trump to pack up and go.”

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