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Tucson tells Gov. Ducey: “Shame on you! Welcome the refugees!”

By Jim Byrne

Tucson, AZ – 50 Tucsonans issued a warm welcome to any future Syrian refugees. The Nov. 19 demonstration came in response to the Islamophobic statement made by Republic Governor Doug Ducey. Ducey basically accused all refugees, specifically those from Syria, as being connected to, if not actual, ‘terrorists.’ Protesters held signs that read: “Shame on Ducey,” and “AZ loves refugees.”

The protest, organized quickly by the Tucson Anti-War Committee, saw an explosion of interest in the event in less than 48 hours. “We are seeing a clear dividing line between those who stand for justice, peace and human dignity and those who support imperial wars, racism and capitalist greed. Clearly, we know where Ducey, the Republicans, and some Democrats stand,” said one of the organizers.

Arizona currently has several hundred Syrian refugees and the numbers could grow if President Obama continues the program to accept them. Ducey is part of a growing number of governors, now up to 32 states, who want to refuse entrance to Syrian refugees. Protest participants commented that this is only the beginning of mass mobilizations in solidarity with refugees and the oppressed.

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