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Tucson Teamster bus strikers standing strong

By staff

Tucson, AZ -Nearly 500 members of the Teamsters Local 104 entered day 40 of their strike against Sun Tran Management. Bus drivers, mechanics and service island operators cite unaddressed safety concerns and undelivered pay increases as the reasons for the strike.

Sun Tran Management is operated by Transdev, a corporation with a track record of union busting and using scab labor. Transdev is also a subsidiary of Veolia, one of the world’s largest water privatizers. Of the attempt to lure out-of-town scab labor, Local 104 President Andy Marshall said, “All that money could be used to settle the strike!”

Arizona is a ‘Right to Work’ state. The bus drivers are not public employees. They are privately contracted through Sun Tran Management. They have the right to strike and they have demonstrated that power.

Fight Back! will continue to follow this story. A press conference is scheduled for Sept. 16 and a direct action has been called for Sept. 18.

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