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Trump’s wrong, the Marxists are winning

By Fight Back! Editors

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Speaking at the White House, July 4, President Trump stated, “We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing.” He is wrong. The radical left and Marxists are beating him at every turn.

Trump is a failed political representative of a failed and dying economic system: monopoly capitalism. Trump’s hatred of science, coupled with a profit-motivated health care system, has made the pandemic so much worse than it had to be. By every measure, the economy is entering a 1930s style crisis. Massive unemployment. Businesses going bankrupt. State governments are heading into budget shortfalls that will result in austerity. And the clock is ticking on unemployment insurance.

Over the past six weeks the U.S. has be shaken by a powerful and amazing rebellion against police crimes and national oppression, the systematic inequality and racist discrimination that is visited on Blacks, Chicano/Latinos, Native peoples, Arab and Asian Americans. The U.S. is a jailhouse for the oppressed and many want to break out. The fires that lit the sky in Minneapolis have sparked one of the greatest waves of struggle in U.S. history, and it is a tide of struggle that shows no sign of abating, The government should know it is in trouble when opinion polls show 64% of the respondents saying the burning of Minnepolis’ Third Precinct police station was justified.

If anything, 2020 has shown that change, real and revolutionary change, is both practical and necessary. Capitalism, the arrogance of the wealthy, and racist reactionaries like Trump are all contributing to a vast and profound radicalization of people across the U.S. It might be added that this process of radicalization is likely to continue no matter who the next president is.

Each day more of us conclude that we can do better than this; we are sick of capitalism and its selfish, bigoted and ignorant defenders, and more of us look to socialism – a system where society’s political and economic power are in the hands of the working class.

Capitalism creates profits for the parasites who own big business. It also creates its own gravediggers, the working class that creates everything of value in this society. Not only does the working class have no interests in common with the capitalist class – we have no interest in the continued existence of exploiters and oppressors as a class. The clash between us and them is ever present and bound to grow in intensity.

The National Guard has been deployed in at least 33 states. Statues of slaveholders and the perpetrators of genocide are being pulled down, and clouds of tear gas drift over the White House grounds. The radical left, including Marxist-Leninists, is going stronger. If you are a revolutionary, its time to join a revolutionary organization. Go to the FRSO website at and see what the winning side, the Marxists, say about things. Then hit “Join.”

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