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Thousands of Minnesotans march for working class on anniversary of Dr. King’s murder

By staff

April 4 protest for workers rights in St Paul.

St. Paul, MN – More than 3500 trade unionists and their supporters marched here, April 4, to stand up for workers’ rights on the anniversary the Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder. A sea of signs and banners filled John Ireland Boulevard as workers marched to the state capitol building.

A broad cross-section of Minnesota’s labor movement took part in the rally, including AFSCME, the Teamsters and the Communication Workers of America.

The April 4 protest took place in cities across the U.S. Promoted by unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO and others, the demonstrations proved to be a massive mobilization of the labor movement and its allies. Hundreds of thousand joined rallies and marches to stand in solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and other states that are on the front lines of the fight to resist union busting efforts.

Sarah Martin of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression was among those at the Saint Paul protest encouraging workers to sign the ‘Pledge to resist FBI and Grand Jury repression.’ She stated, “We got a great response.” Illinois U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is leading a witch hunt that aims to put trade unionists, anti-war and international solidarity activists in jail. “Working people understand this is unjust and must be opposed,” Martin said.

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