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The Israeli attack on Rafah and the complicity of the Biden administration

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

The Israeli occupiers of Palestine have dramatically stepped up their attacks on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza over the past 24 hours. Homes have been targeted and children killed. The aircraft doing the bombings are made in the United States. The war materiel being used is supplied by the Biden administration. A genocide is being carried out in Palestine and Washington, D.C. is facilitating it.

On May 7, Biden delivered a disjointed, tone-deaf statement complaining about those who “downplay and rationalize” the events of October 7, 2023. That’s the day the Palestinian resistance left the confines of the world’s largest open-air prison, Gaza, and struck a blow for freedom. By saying this, he is embracing the ongoing genocide. Biden then spoke about “anti-semitism” on college campuses. What he is really talking about is the heroic students who are standing in solidarity with Palestine.

Since October 7, the Zionists have killed more than 35,000 Palestinians. Many more dead are still uncounted, buried beneath the rubble of Gazan homes. Nearly 100,000 have been injured in Israeli attacks. Starvation is setting in as the siege has brought on a famine.

And yet, the Israeli occupiers have not accomplished a single one of their objectives. The Palestinian resistance is strong. It is unbroken and does not bow down. It has agreed to some conditions that would bring a sustainable calm to the situation, and for the time being, the Zionists have answered with massacres in Rafah.

The accomplishments of the Palestinian resistance cannot be undone, and the Israeli occupation has shown the whole world exactly what it is – a genocidal apartheid state that murders, tortures and lies. It is a creation of western imperialism, specifically the U.S. and Great Britain, that established it as a tool to dominate the Middle East.

The sun set on the British empire, and it is now setting on the American empire. The peoples of the Middle East are tired of outsiders telling them how to live and what to do, while western corporations suck out their natural resources. A new day is arriving.

The Palestinian people are fighting for a just cause. They have been joined by many others, including millions of us right here in the U.S.

The crimes of Israel and its backers in Washington must be exposed and opposed. We demand that all aid be cut to Israel! Stand with Palestine! Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea!

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